"When I'm With You" Track

Just a taste of Sarah Lynns music....

About Sarah Lynn

The musicians

Sarah Lynn- Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

Drums- Paul Bauer

Violin- Darren Chan

Bass- Neal Conway

Mandoline/backup vocals- Emilie Herr

Sarah Lynns History

Sarah Lynn is a small town country artist. She started off singing at church growing up. Her father (Bob Herr) taught Sarah everything she knows about performing, acoustic guitar, and singing. Sarah's passion for music is felt in every song she writes. Each song tells a story, and the dark twist each song has will get you hooked!

Sarahs Sound

Sarahs country sound is a little darker than most country. Her music was influenced a lot by Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton and Chris Knight. From shooting guns, to running from the law, Sarah Lynns music has it all. 


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Sarah Lynn Music

Live Performances

This video shows live performances from the Sarah Lynn Band At The Intersection and Sarah's Album release party at Bells Brewery! 

When Imm With You

Sarah Lynns First Music Video